Visa Processing

In order to facilitate the passport holders visa procedures, with 18.01.2007 date in Turkey in accordance memorandum of understanding signed between Italy, Rooms Turkey for multiple entry Schengen visa applications of our businessmen and Commodity Exchanges are given a letter of introduction by the Union.

Turkish Businessmen who submit TOBB's "Presentation Letter" along with the necessary documents for a multi-entry Schengen visa will be accepted as "Goodwill (Bona Fide)" and the applicant will be able to obtain a multi-entry Schengen visa if the passport period is long.

It is the Chambers and Commodity Exchanges to which they are affiliated, which will primarily evaluate the applications of company officials and officials. In this respect, an important responsibility and duty has been attributed to the Chambers and Commodity Exchanges, and it is essential that the implementation be carried out effectively in cooperation with the Union and the Chambers and Commodity Exchanges.

Our Chamber is among the authorized chambers regarding the application for a letter of introduction.

The result of a comprehensive study conducted by the Association "Turkey Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges Letter Presentations given by the Procedures and Principles" was prepared.

Persons who can request a Letter of Presentation;

  • Members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of Industry, the Chamber of Shipping and the Commodity Exchange and the representatives of these members registered in the trade registry,
  • Board of directors of joint stock companies and board of partners of limited companies and company partners,
  • Company personnel appointed by the company's representatives registered in the trade registry


For unlimited companies;

a) Has a valid passport,

b) Has an up-to-date record of income tax liability for commercial and industrial earnings,

c) The commercial enterprise was registered in the commerce registry at least two years ago,

d) There is no dues to the chamber or the stock exchange,

e) The membership has not been suspended,

f) Being not punished with heavy imprisonment or more than two years 'imprisonment or more than six months' imprisonment for misconduct, except for negligent crimes, simple and qualified embezzlement, extortion, bribery, theft, fraud, fraudulent documents, abuse of faith, false testimony ,smuggling, fraudulent bankruptcy, rigging of official tenders and purchases, money laundering, disclosure of state secrets, terrorism, tax evasion or tax evasion.

g) Not to be banned from commercial and artistic performance,

For ıncorporated and limited companies;

a) The real persons applying to represent the company have a valid passport,

b) The legal entity was registered with the trade registry at least two years ago,

c) There is no dues to the chamber or the stock exchange,

d) The membership has not been suspended,

e) The company is not dissolved (not going into liquidation),

f) Real persons applying to represent the company; Not to be sentenced to heavy imprisonment, except for negligent crimes, or more than six months of imprisonment for more than two years of imprisonment or misconduct, simple and qualified embezzlement, extortion, bribery, theft, fraud, falsification of documents, abuse of faith, false testimony, has not been convicted of fraudulent bankruptcy, rigging of official tenders and purchases, money laundering, disclosure of state secrets, terrorism, tax evasion or attempting or participation in tax evasion,

g) Having regained its reputation even if it has not gone bankrupt or has gone bankrupt,

h) If the applicant is a company employee, to submit a document indicating that the company has been assigned by its representatives registered to the trade registry and a social insurance declaration stating that he has worked in the company for more than three years.

The application of the requesting member must be evaluated by the Board of Directors of our Chamber and it must be confirmed that he has good intentions. As a result of the examination made by our chamber; For those who are found to be in accordance with the relevant qualifications, the "Letter of Commitment" is filled and signed by us and sent to the Association. Inappropriate requests are rejected by the Chamber.

The Association is authorized to evaluate the request of the claimant without being bound by the "Letter of Commitment" sent by chambers or exchanges. The Union takes a decision on these requests within 5 working days.

If deemed appropriate by the Association, a "Letter of Presentation" with a validity period of three months is given to the claimants. The validity period starts from the date written on the letter of introduction.

No service fee is requested by our Chamber for the service provided in accordance with these principles.

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